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"I've attended a number of self-defence courses previously, and whilst I may have picked up techniques during the course, I've found that after a while these have faded, and I'm left wondering which arm to use as a shield and which to use to break free etc. etc.  Not so with this training, which draws upon a number of martial arts to offer a simple and effective way to deflect knife attack and give you those precious moments to get away.  It is so simple that it is something you could pass on to your friends and family and no special level of fitness or strength is required. "



"I just wanted to send a note of thanks for organising the knife defence training. I thought it was fantastic. I came out of it with a degree of confidence and competence I would not have thought possible after only an hour and a half. Their method was so compellingly simple and rational it was easy to grasp and understand. The style of delivery was really straightforward and friendly - it put us all at our ease."



"I have had occasional self defense instruction before, all pressure points and clever hand twists, but I never came out of it feeling that I was materially better off than before the training. This training will stay with me. It has made me feel stronger and safer – empowered really.  That is a brilliant outcome to any training!"



"I enjoyed the defence against knife attack training very much.  The instructors were easy to follow, and the techniques and ideas being taught were really simple – this meant I came away from the session with self-defence skills which I would realistically be able to recall and use if faced with an attack (with or without a knife).  I would definitely return for more training and I would recommend it to others."



"Just wanted to say thank you for organising the knife defence training this evening, it was a good and useful exercise – even though I hope I never have to use self defence, it is helpful to have thought about it and tried it out.  You were right that those guys have a good style of teaching."


KP Training Officer FANY (PRVC) and members of the unit


sw ambulance

Ref: Counter Strike RED – SAFE Programme.

Previous to meeting the CSRED team I have had an interest in self defence but had found no system or instructor that I was comfortable with. I felt a lot of the martial arts to be somewhat remote and fanciful. CSRED teaches in an entirely unpretentious and relaxed way. It delivers a lot of simple but extremely effective concepts which can be quickly learned by anyone. Within this system people are encouraged to teach and learn from each other immediately, this speeds up the persons learning and retention process.
The CSRED system is more rounded than others I have experienced. My situational awareness has improved. Methods of safe extraction from conflict and conflict avoidance form a part of the philosophy.

Overall through my training with I feel fitter, more confident and safer than previously and as an individual who operates alone or without immediate support I believe that I am now better placed in my job as a paramedic because of his training.
I have not had to directly use any of the skills learned and hope that remains the case.

Southwest Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

RMR London

"RMR London have been conducting training with Counter Strike RED team over the past six months. Being a Commando Unit, this training has been invaluable in reinstilling close combat fighting techniques to our highly trained Commando's. A dynamic and different skill set, my men and myself were surprised and impressed by how easy the techniques were to pick up. The instructors imparted their knowledge in a relaxed yet authorative way, which optimised the output from the individuals taking part. Myself and my Commanding Officer were impressed by how quickly our men managed to pick up the skills. The training has undoubtledly improved my Commando Units close combat fighting capability.

In summary, an excellent skill set to have and first class instruction from instructors who know how to impart knowledge with ease to Commando's - a challenging task on its own! After every training session from Counter Strike RED I have requests from my Commandos for more training with them and we will definately be pursuing this.

I recommend the Counter Strike RED team to all



Training Officer RMR London


"I have invited CSRED-Seminar to host a seminar for professionals with a LAW ENFORCEMENT background (Police, Military, Prison Service). From the first second on I was impressed by the simplicety of this system. Usually you are taught techniques only, but not so in CS RED, where the emphasis lies on using natural body mechanics to improve skills you already have. This is for me a new and revolutionary method of teaching and training which I like a lot. I´m convinced of the applicability of CSRED approach in urban or military hand-to-hand combat situations, because only realistic training prepares for real life situations.
In my humble opinion every force unit can benefit from CS RED “


Police Officer and Law Enforcement Instructor, Austrian Police


42 commando 


Counter strike red was invited to 42 Commando Royal Marines to provide an insight into CS RED training for Kangaw troop.

The instruction was provided in a professional manner and both instructors had fantastic subject knowledge which they imparted to the class in an enjoyable and confident manner, which in turn provided the group with self confidence in their own abilities.

I would like to thank the instructors for their time and effort which they put in to supply a great afternoons training.


C/Sgt RM
Kangaw SNCO
42 Commando Royal Marines


odznaka 21BSP 

Testimonial Letter for “COUNTER STRIKE RED”

I am pleased to recommend collaboration with “Counter Strike Red”.
Our unit participated in training on combat methods held by instructors from the above company.  The programme, as well as the way in which it was carried out, fully satisfied our expectations.  The standard of instruction during the serials was very high and fulfilled all the requirements and demands of the training syllabus of the Polish Armed Forces.  The substance of the training was also high and, most importantly it was tailored exactly to the level of training of those participating in the course.
The characteristics of the “Counter Strike Red” instructors were: complete professionalism and wide experience; they had a high level of practical skill and were able to pass the subject matter easily to the students.  The instructors conducted the training in a dynamic manner and quickly established an easy rapport with the trainees.  All this meant that the language barrier did not create any obstacles during the training.  The total engagement of the trainees during the activities testifies that the content of the training as well as the manner of its conduct were of the highest level.  With all confidence, I can recommend the instructors as an experienced and well-tuned team that guarantees a high quality of training services.


Comd 3 Pln, Mech. Inf. Coy
2nd Lt M Ziółkowski



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